SE 293 (3:0)

Topics in Grid Computing


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Sathish Vadhiyar



  1. Introduction
    1. Motivation
    2. Definitions of Grid Computing
    3. Evolution of the Grid
    4. Differences with similar efforts (Meta, cluster, heterogeneous, Internet)
    5. Examples of usage
    6. Research possibilities / scope in Grid Computing
    7. Thrust area in this course
  2. High Performance computing across installation sites
    1. PACX-MPI, MPI-Connect, P-MPI
    2. I-WAY experiment
  3. Earliest Grid Tools / Projects
    1. Condor Part 1, Part 2
    2. Globus Part 1, Part 2
    3. Nimrod
  4. Grid Basics - Technologies / Challenges
    1. Security - Different models
      1. SSL
      2. Kherberos
      3. SASL
      4. GSI
      5. Others
    2. Information Services
      1. NWS
  5. HPC and Grids
    1. Some more about scheduling - scheduling HPC applications in Grids
      1. AppLeS
      2. Scheduling Parameter sweep applications 
      3. Metascheduling Part1, Part2
    2. Grid RPC mechanisms - Part1, Part2
    3. Rescheduling
    4. Computational Steering, Scientific visualization of Grid applications
    5. Grid Applications - Everywhere and Cactus experiments
    6. Data management
      1. Data distribution
      2. Redistribution
      3. Data cache maintenance
  6. Recent Efforts / Challenges
    1. Grid economy
    2. Grid simulation - SimGrid, GridSim, MicroGrid
    3. Grid standards and forums - OGSA, GGF and Other topics


Simple assignments using Grid tools/services/techniques


Final Project

Chosen Projects:

Team Project
Ashima Gupta, Vishal Sharda Determining Network Topology for Collective Communications for Grids
Chidansh Bhatt, L. Ravi, Hema A Grid system with different scheduling strategies and dynamically choosing an appropriate scheduling strategy
Himanshu Dhar, Surya Prakash Modeling network contention
JayYagnik Narendra, S.D. Penurkar Performance prediction of parallel application based on historical data
Nagalinga Rajan, Sunil Kumar New forecasting techniques for NWS
Sandip Tikar Execution traces and data redistribution
Tarun Saxena Determining Grid machine and network topology
Rakhi Gupta MPI collective communications for Grids