SE 293 (3:0)

Topics in Grid Computing


Sathish Vadhiyar


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  1. Introduction
    1. Motivation
    2. Definitions of Grid Computing
    3. Evolution of the Grid
    4. Differences with similar efforts (Meta, cluster, heterogeneous, Internet)
    5. Examples of usage
  2. The Earliest Grid Motivations
    1. High Throughput computing using non-dedicated workstations - Condor Part1, Part2, Condor Publication on Checkpointing Technique
  3. The Building Blocks of Grid
    1. The Globus toolkit
    2. Security - Kherberos vs Globus GSI
    3. Information Services - NWS
  4. HPC and Grids
    1. Scheduling HPC applications in Grids
      1. AppLeS
      2. Scheduling Parameter sweep applications
      3. Metascheduling
    2. Rescheduling part2
    3. Fault detection
    4. Grid RPC mechanisms
  5. Advanced Topics
    1. Data Management in Grids (refer to students' presentations)
    2. Grid simulation - MicroGrid
    3. Grid Applications
    4. Grid economy (refer to Students' presentations)
    5. Grid standards and forums - OGSA, GGF and Other topics


  1. Simple Metacomputing Middleware
  2. Comparison of Min-Min and Max-Min
  3. Matrix Redistributions in Globus

Class Paper Presentations

Name Date Paper Title
Amar Nath Satrawala September 11 Multiround Algorithms for Scheduling Divisible Loads
Sivagama Sundari September 20 Centralized versus Distributed Schedulers for Multiple Bag-of-Task Applications
Amar Nath Satrawala September 27 Mobile MPI Programs in Computational Grids
Sivagama Sundari October 4 Finding a Suitable Checkpoint and Recovery Protocol for a Distributed Application
Amar Nath Satrawala November 6 Grid Solutions for Biological and Physical Cross-Site Simulations on the Grid
Sivagama Sundari November 8 Predictor@Home: A "Protein Structure Prediction Supercomputer" Based on Global Computing
Amar Nath Satrwala November 13 Filecules in High-Energy Physics: Characteristics and Impact on Resource Management
Sivagama Sundari November 17 Service Contracts and Aggregate Utility Functions


Final Project

Papers to Look at:

  1. Cluster Computing and Grid (CCGrid)
  2. Euro-Par
  3. Grid
  4. High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC)
  5. ICDCS
  6. IPDPS
  7. Supercomputing (SC)
  8. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ITPDS)
  9. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC)
  10. Journal of Grid Computing