Parallel Programming Practice


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Sathish Vadhiyar and Soumyendu Raha


bulletThe Sourcebook of Parallel Computing
 by Jack Dongarra (Editor), Ian Foster, Geoffrey Fox (Editor), Ken Kennedy, Andy White (Editor), Linda Torczon, Wiliiam Gropp Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann; (November 2002) ISBN: 1-558-60871-0
bulletIntroduction to Parallel Computing
by  Ananth Grama, Anshul Gupta, George Karypis, Vipin Kumar Publisher: Addison Wesley; (2003) ISBN: 0-201-64865-2


    1. Introduction (Vadhiyar)
    2. Principles of parallel algorithm design (Raha)
    1. Analytical modeling of parallel programs (Raha)
    1. Programming using the Message passing paradigm (Vadhiyar) Jan 14, Jan 21, Jan 28, Jan30
    1. A Few Parallel Programs (Vadhiyar) Feb 6, Feb 9
    2. Programming shared address space platforms (Vadhiyar)
    1. Linear algebra (Raha, Vadhiyar) Feb 11
    1. Parallel debugging, monitoring, performance analysis (Vadhiyar) Mar 15
    1. Advanced topics General techniques (Vadhiyar, Raha)
    1. Advanced topics Miscellanious (Vadhiyar)


  1. HW 1  - Theoretical problems regarding the calculation of various metrics scalability etc.
  2. HW 2 - MPI pt2pt, algorithms, communicators
  3. HW 3 - Collective communications, LAPLACE, Sparse matrix-multiply
  4. HW 4 - Parallel FFT
  5. HW 5 - OpenMP and Parallel I/O

Final Project

bulletSaketha Nath (Eigen value parallelization)
bulletKartik Raman (Parallel simulated annealing)
bulletNikhil Vijay Shinde (High resolution flow solver for unstructured meshes)