Profilers for Assignments


Make sure you have logged in using -X (display) option for ssh. i.e.,
>> ssh -X

Compile and link your MPI program wuth -mpe flag, i.e.,
>> mpicc -mpe=mpilog ...

Then run your program using mpirun.

This will create a clog2 file

Open with jumpshort, i.e.,

>> jumpshot <clog2file>

It will ask if to convert to slog2
Say yes.
Then click on "Convert" and click on ok.

Then close and open jumpshot with the slog2 file.


Please unzip and untar cuda.tar.gz and pictures.tar.gz.

The cuda folder contains the code and a readme file. The pictures folder contains some pictures as pointers to the buttons for the GUI. The readme file contains the steps required for profiling.