Research Interests:
Computational methods in medical imaging, multi-modal imaging, medical image reconstruction techniques, photoacoustic tomography, low-dose CT imaging and Neuroimaging.

My ResearcherID: A-6603-2008

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Four-dimensional imaging of Lung:

It is well understood that the breathing motion in imaging of the thorax and upper abdomen can yield significant artifacts in medical images of tumors and normal organs. I was involved in developing algorithms/protocols that can compensate the breathing motion. Specifically I worked on 4D-PET protocols. The group website (still under development is here):

Here is the poster I made for ASTRO annual meeting 2008: PDF

Near-Infrared (NIR) Diffuse Optical Tomography:

Excellent review on NIR imaging is here:

I am interested in image reconstruction techniques (inverse problem) in diffuse optical tomography. My Ph.D. thesis was geared towards developing a generalized least squares algorithm for solving inverse problem in diffuse optical tomography. You can download my Ph.D. thesis from here:

Fun Part (I created a FEM mesh of Mice Head)

mice head FEM mesh

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