Courses from August-2017 term

20 Feb 17

  Please note that there is a substantive revamping of existing courses (including the credits) as well as introduction of new courses into the curriculum of CDS. Please check them here.

New Course: Data Assimilation to Dynamical Systems

23 Nov 16

A new course DS 391 Data Assimilation to Dynamical Systems is being offered at CDS in the Jan, 2017 semester. Quick introduction to nonlinear dynamics: bifurcations, unstable manifolds and attractors, Lyapunov exponents, sensitivity to initial conditions and concept of Read More

SE 305: Topics in Web-scale Knowledge Harvesting (3:1), Aug 2014

9 Aug 14

SE 305: Topics in Web-scale Knowledge Harvesting   Course Flyer:   Instructor:   Partha Pratim Talukdar [ppt@serc,] Time:         TTh 2pm – 3:30pm [first class: Aug 5, 2014 (Tue)] Location:   SERC 202 Number:     SE 305 Read More