Research Areas

CDS is engaged in cutting-edge research programs in areas relating to computational and data science, computing and data systems, and their applications. The research focus of CDS is broadly classified into Computer Systems and Computational Science, that include data science and engineering, with sub-areas within each:

Computer and Data Systems Stream (CDS-CS)

  • Computer Architecture & High Performance Computing
      • System on Chip and Embedded Processor Architectures, High Performance Computing, Runtime Reconfigurable System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures, modeling of massively parallel reconfigurable silicon cores, compilation techniques for reconfigurable silicon cores, large scale simulations on massively parallel and distributed SoC architectures, application synthesis on Runtime Reconfigurable SoCs
      • Labs

Computational Science Stream (CDS-CP)

  • Scientific Computing

Please visit the CDS labs page to learn about labs where research in these areas are carried out. The department is also involved in several sponsored research projects in collaboration with many government and private agencies.