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{Seminar} @ CDS: 28th July: “Contact-Rich Manipulation by Humans and Robots”

Thu, 28 Jul 22 @ 4:00 PM -- 5:00 PM

Department of Computational and Data Sciences

Department Seminar


SPEAKER     :  Dr. Samarth Brahmbhatt

TITLE            : “Contact-Rich Manipulation by Humans and Robots”

Date & Time :  July 28, 2022, 4:00 PM.

Venue              :  #102 CDS Seminar Hall.




Our daily manipulation activities are rich in contact with surfaces in the environment. Understanding this contact is the first step towards building contact-friendly robots. In the first part of this talk, I will discuss a series of projects aimed at accurately observing hand-object contact, synchronized with RGB-D images. The data from these methods has been used to train image-based hand-object contact prediction models for human-computer interaction and virtual reality applications. In the second part I will discuss contact-friendly robot manipulation systems, which are inspired by the contact-rich nature of our own daily interactions with the world. In particular, I will talk about robots that use gripper contact inferred from an on-board camera to perform precise grasping of tiny objects, and another robot that can insert already grasped objects in tight locations by leveraging force sensor feedback. Together, these works demonstrate a progression from systems that can perceive human hand-object contact to robot systems that can leverage contact feedback to perform difficult real-world tasks.



Samarth Brahmbhatt (https://samarth-robo.github.io) is a research scientist at Intel Labs in Santa Clara, California, USA. He has a robotics PhD from Georgia Tech, a robotics MS from the University of Pennsylvania, and an EC B. Tech. from Nirma University. His papers have appeared as oral presentations and best paper finalist at CVPR. Samarth is also interested in history, philosophy, and languages.


Host Faculty: Dr. Chirag Jain


Thu, 28 Jul 22
4:00 PM -- 5:00 PM


Room No: 102 (Seminar Hall of CDS)