Photo of Konduri Aditya Konduri Aditya Assistant Professor

Photo of Ratikanta Behera Ratikanta Behera ASSISTANT PROFESSOR

Research Areas: Tensor Decompositions, Neural Networks, Numerical Linear Algebra, Generalized Inverses of Tensors, Wavelets in Scientific Computing, High-Performance Computing.

Photo of Anirban Chakraborty Anirban Chakraborty Assistant Professor, Pratiksha Trust Young Investigator

Research Areas: Visual analytics, Data association over graphs, Data fusion and consistency, Applications of computer vision and machine learning in bio-medical image analysis, video surveillance.

Photo of Sashikumaar Ganesan Sashikumaar Ganesan Associate Professor & Chair


Photo of Jayant R Haritsa Jayant R Haritsa Professor


+91-80-2293 2793
Photo of Arjun Jain Arjun Jain Adjunct Faculty

Research Areas: Human Sensing and Perception, Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Photo of Chirag Jain Chirag Jain Assistant Professor, Pratiksha Trust Young Investigator

Photo of Sekar K Sekar K Professor

+91-80-2293 3059
Photo of Phani Motamarri Phani Motamarri Assistant Professor

Photo of Debnath Pal Debnath Pal Professor

+91 (80) 2293-2901

Research Areas: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Interpretability and Analysis of Models, Inclusive Evaluation, Societal and Ethical Considerations of AI

Photo of Venkatesh Babu R Venkatesh Babu R Professor

Research Areas: Video Analytics, Multimedia, Image/Video Processing, Compression, Compressed Domain Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Photo of Soumyendu Raha Soumyendu Raha Professor

Photo of Nandy S K Nandy S K Professor

+91-80-2360 0811
Photo of Yogesh Simmhan Yogesh Simmhan Associate Professor & Swarna Jayanti Fellow

Research Areas: Abstractions, algorithms and applications for distributed data and computing systems. Cloud computing, AI on the Edge, Big Data platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), Temporal graph processing, UAVs

+91 9790750137
Photo of Deepak N Subramani Deepak N Subramani Assistant Professor, Arcot Ramachandran Young Investigator

Photo of Vaanathi Sundaresan Vaanathi Sundaresan Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Medical Image Analysis, Neuroimaging, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Domain adaptation, Computer Vision

Photo of Partha Pratim Talukdar Partha Pratim Talukdar Associate Professor

Photo of Sathish S Vadhiyar Sathish S Vadhiyar Professor

+91-80-2293 2615
Photo of Murugesan Venkatapathi Murugesan Venkatapathi Professor

Photo of Phaneendra Kumar Yalavarthy Phaneendra Kumar Yalavarthy Professor

+91-80-2293 2496