SE 293 (3:0)

Topics in Grid Computing


Karthikeyan, Vishwas


Sathish Vadhiyar



  1. Introduction ppt
    1. Motivation
    2. Definitions of Grid Computing
    3. Evolution of the Grid
    4. Differences with similar efforts (Meta, cluster, heterogeneous, Internet)
    5. Examples of usage
  2. The Earliest Grid Motivations
    1. High Performance computing across installation sites - the PACX-MPI example ppt
    2. High Throughput computing using non-dedicated workstations - Condor Part1, Part2, Condor Publication on Checkpointing Technique
  3. The Building Blocks of Grid
    1. The Globus toolkit ppt
    2. Security - Kherberos vs Globus GSI ppt
    3. Information Services - NWS ppt
  4. HPC and Grids
    1. Scheduling HPC applications in Grids
      1. Scheduling Parameter sweep applications ppt
      2. Metascheduling ppt
    2. Rescheduling ppt, part2
    3. Fault Detection ppt
    4. Data Management in Grids ppt
  5. Advanced Topics
    1. Grid Applications ppt
    2. Other topics
      1. Grid simulation ppt
      2. Grid economy ppt
      3. Grid RPC ppt
    3. Grid standards and forums - OGSA, WSRF, GGF etc. ppt


  1. Simple Metacomputing Middleware
  2. Comparison of Min-Min and Max-Min
  3. Load Balancing MD Simulation


Class Paper Presentations

Name Date Paper Title Presentation
Ramanjulu September 13 Predictable Divisible Load Scheduling on Grid Platforms with APST-DV link
Karthikeyan September 27 Evaluation of a workflow scheduler using integrated performance modeling and batch queue wait times link
Vishwas October 4 Job scheduling and processor allocation for grid computing on metacomputers link
Karthikeyan October 18 Implementation and Evaluation of a Scalable Application Level Checkpoint-Recovery Schemes for MPI Programs link
Vishwas October 25 Failure Aware Checkpointing in FGCS Systems link
Karthikeyan November 13 Dynamic Load Balancing and Efficient Load Estimators for Asynchronous Iterative Algorithms link
Vishwas November 17 Optimizing Reduction Computations in a Distributed Environment link


Final Project

Papers to Look at:

  1. Cluster Computing and Grid (CCGrid)
  2. Euro-Par
  3. Grid
  4. High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC)
  5. ICDCS
  6. IPDPS
  7. Supercomputing (SC)
  8. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ITPDS)
  9. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC)
  10. Journal of Grid Computing