The future would be a race between education and catastrophe.

                          - H. G. Wells


The sad fact of today’s life is that science gathers knowledge faster than humans gather wisdom.

                            - Isaac Asimov

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Solemn Declaration: 1) We will send articles for review/print only if we think our work significantly alters/extends/simplifies current understanding of the Science and 2) We will not claim novelty in our manuscripts using any wilful embellishments of a literary, graphical, or algebraic nature.  We realize that the peer-review system is severely stressed and deformed by its own weight, and that there is a misplaced emphasis on our rudimentary citation system which might be fast losing its correlation to the real impacts of Science. So it is our responsibility to make an effort; see related article by MV.


Journal Publications:

• An O(n) algorithm for generating uniform random vectors in n-dimensional cones (Arun I.).Preprint

• Circulant decomposition of a matrix and the eigenvalues of Toeplitz type matrices (Hariprasad M.), Applied Mathematics & Computation.Preprint

• An algorithm for estimating non-convex volumes and other integrals in n dimensions (Arun I. and Abhijeet J.), Computational & Applied Mathematics in press (2023).Preprint

• Approximations for spherical scattering coefficients with negligible integral errors in parametric space (A. Khan), J. Optical Soc. of America A 40 (5), 932-941 (2023).Preprint

• Error estimators and their analysis for CG, Bi-CG and GMRES (P. Jain and K. Manglani), Numerical Analysis & Applications 16 (2), 135–153 (2023).Preprint

• Radiative decay of an emiter due to non-Markovian interactions with dissipating matter (K. Jain), J. Physics:Condensed Matter 132, 113103 (2022).Preprint

• Role of Rabi oscillations in radiative states due to the fully absorbing smaller plasmonic nanoparticles(K. Jain), J. Applied Physics 132, 113103 (2022).Preprint

• Semi-analytical solutions for eigenvalue problems of chains and periodic graphs (Hariprasad M.), Applied Mathematics & Computation 411, 126512 (2021). Preprint

• Large emission enhancement and emergence of strong coupling with plasmons in nanoassemblies: Role of quantum interactions and finite emitter size (R. Dutta, K. Jain and J. K. Basu), Physical Review B 100, 155413 (2019). PDF

• Strong coupling of an emitter with absorbing matter : A regime for enhancement of light emission (K. Jain), Physical Review Applied 11, 054002 (2019). PDF

• Signal Enhancement from Tunable SERS Substrates: Design and Demonstration of Multiple Regimes of Enhancement (D. R. Nayak, N. Bhat and S. Umapathy), J. Physical Chemistry C, 122 (16),  9134–9140 (2018). PDF

• Fano-type spectra and other interference effects in an all-dielectric nanoshell (S. Garg), J. Optics 19, 075603 (2017). PDF

• Impact of ultrathin dielectric spacers on SERS: energy transfer between polarized charges and plasmons (D. R. Nayak, N. Bhat and S. Umapathy), J. Material Chemistry C 5, 2123-2129 (2017). PDF

• Analysis of numerical solutions to Sommerfeld integral relation of the half-space radiator problem (Arun I.), Applied Numerical Mathematics 106, 79-97 (2016). PDF

• Plasmon-mediated emergence of collective emission and enhanced quantum efficiency in quantum dot films (Praveena M., A. Mukherjee & J. K. Basu), Physical Review B 92, 235403 (2015). PDF

Collective eigenstates of emission in an N-entity heterostructure and the evaluation of its Green tensors and self-energy components, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 31, 3153-3163 (2014). PDF

• Plasmonic interactions at close proximity in chiral geometries: Route towards broadband chiroptical response and giant enantiomeric sensitivity (G. Nair, H. S. Johnson, D. Paria & A. Ghosh), J. Physical Chemistry C 118, 4991–4997 (2014). PDF

• Photoluminescence decay rate engineering of CdSe quantum dots in ensemble arrays embedded with gold nano-antennae (M. Haridas, A. K. Tiwari & J. K. Basu), J. Applied Physics 114, 064305 (2013). PDF

• Enhanced photo-absorption efficiency of incomplete nanoshells (S. G. Dastidar, P. Bharath, A. Roy & A. Ghosh), Optics Letters 38, 3275-3278 (2013). PDF

• Radiative and non-radiative effects of a substrate on localized plasmon resonance of particles (A. K. Tiwari), J. Applied Physics 112, 013529 (2012).  PDF

• Emitter near an arbitrary body: Purcell effect, optical theorem and the Wheeler-Feynman absorber, J. Quant. Spectros. Radiat. Transfer 113, 1705–1711 (2012). PDF


Other technical reports, proceedings and upublished thesis work:

• Semi-analytical solution for eigenvalue problems of lattice models with boundary conditions (Athira G.).PDF

• An Analysis of Human Development Index and Modelling Income Distributions (Prajakta B. Sanjay).PDF

• An Analysis of the Limitations of University Rankings and Its Use (Lubhawan P.).PDF

• A short study comparing countries on the quality of response to the Covid-19 pandemic (Thilakam V.).PDF

• Calculation of the extinction cross section and lifetime of a gold nanoparticle using FDTD simulations (Archana R.).PDF

• Enhancement of scattering from nanoparticles using substrate effect (K. Chakraborty, A. Tiwari and M. Varma).PDF