Research Degree Admissions

Interview dates for Research Programs: May 20-24, 2019

Research Streams

Research activities at CDS are broadly categorized into two streams: Computational Science (CD-CP) and Computer & Data Systems (CD-CS) with research admissions conducted separately for each stream. Research labs at CDS are placed in one of these two streams.

  • Computational Science Stream (CD-CP) deals with computational methods and their application to scientific domains. This typically requires skills at the intersection of applied mathematics, application-specific knowledge, and effective use of computing platforms. Research in this area include Bio-molecular Computation, Computational Electrodynamics, Computational Photonics, Medical Imaging, Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics/Scientific Computation, and Structural Biology & Bio-Computing. More details of Ph.D. and M.Tech (Res) Admissions Aug 2019 Cycle can be found here
  • Computer and Data Systems Stream (CD-CS) deals with the research topics: Computer Aided Design, Cloud Computing Systems, Distributed Systems, Data Sciences, Big Data Platforms, Computer Vision and Image/Video Analytics, Database Systems, Embedded System-On-Chip Architectures, High Performance Computing Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning for Vision and Language, Parallel Computing. Not accepting applications for November 2018 cycle. Details on June-2018 admissions can be found here.