Research Degree Admissions

Interview dates for Research Programs: May 20-24, 2019

Selection List  – 2019

Research Admission Process

Research admissions are conducted for the Ph.D. and M.Tech.(Research) programs. Candidates have to apply for admission to IISc and choose CDS as one of the departments in the form. The department committee will shortlist the candidates for research interviews based on their GATE Score and/or B.Tech./M.Tech. scores. The shortlisted candidates must attend an interview which consists of a written component and an oral interview. Candidates have to carefully review their eligibility and choose one research stream from the department, either CD-CP (Computational Science) or CD-CS (Computer and Data System) at the time of interview. A candidate can pick only one stream, and multiple labs within the stream. The written component and oral interview topics will depend on the stream selected. Please refer to the appropriate brochure given below carefully before filing in the combined preference sheet.

  • Applicant Information form: To be filled before May 8, 2019 by candidates called for interview to CDS [Fill Form]

Research Streams

Research labs at CDS are placed in one of two streams: Computational Science (CD-CP) and Computer and Data systems (CD-CS).  Candidates called for interview must choose from one of these streams and select research labs within a stream at the time of interview by filling out a preference form. Details for each stream are given below.

  • Computational Science Stream (CD-CP) deals with computational methods and their application to scientific domains. This typically requires skills at the intersection of applied mathematics, application-specific knowledge, and effective use of computing platforms. Research in this area include Bio-molecular Computation, Computational Electrodynamics, Computational Photonics, Medical Imaging, Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics/Scientific Computation, Structural Biology & Bio-Computing, Computational Flow Physics, Uncertainty Quantification, Data Assimilation in Dynamical Systems. More details for CD-CP Admissions for the Aug 2019 Cycle can be found here.
  • Computer and Data Systems Stream (CD-CS) deals with research topics on Cloud Computing Systems, Distributed Algorithms and Systems, Data Sciences, Big Data Platforms, Database systems, Computer Vision and Image/Video Analytics, High Performance Computing Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning for Vision and Language, Parallel Computing, Graph algorithms, and Internet of Things. More details for CD-CS Admissions for the Aug 2019 Cycle can be found here.