Computing Resources

Below are some of the common computing resources available to the members of the department.

Institute Resources

The department has access to the Institute’s HPC systems housed in the same building at SERC.

  • India’s fastest supercomputer 
    • Cray XC40 called as SahasraT, India’s fastest Supercomputer housed on Eight cabinets of 1506 nodes producing the peak performance of 1.45PFLOPS and Four cabinets of DDN storage with a 2PB usable space.
    • Softwares: All the faculty and students have access to the latest numerical and computational softwares. All the softwares are available through SERC. Kindly follow the instructions available at to obtain these softwares.

Teaching Resources

The department is also equipped with computing resources meant exclusively for teaching purposes. The point of contact for the teaching resources are Prof. Yogesh Simmhan and Prof. Sathish Vadhiyar.

  • turing cluster
    • 24 Compute Nodes in two 12 node 3U blades. Each node has one 8-core AMD Opteron 3380 processor @ 2.6GHz, 32GB RAM, 2TB HDD, Gigabit Ethernet port
    • 1 Head Node with one 6-core Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 processor @ 2.40GHz, 48GB RAM, 1+4TB HDD, Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • One 24 port L2 Gigabit Ethernet switch
    • Running CentOS, MPI, PBS and Apache Hadoop/Yarn
    • Mounted on a 24U Rack
  • 1 GPU node
    • CPU: Xeon E5 2620 V2
    • Memory: 24GB (3 x 8GB DDR3-1600 ECC)
    • Hard Drive: 2 x 1TB SATA Seagate Enterprise HDD
    • NVIDIA Tesla K40M
    • Server Model: SYS-5017GR-TF
    • Chassis: CSE-818G-1K43B-Bdle
    • MBD: X9SRG-F

Departmental Resources

  • Servers: The department has two servers for mail and website. Each of the server has a 6-core Intel Xeon E5-2420v2@2.2 GHz, 48GB RAM and a 2TB HDD. These running virtual machines for mail servers (2 VMs), department web site (1 VM), faculty websites (1 VM), and student websites (TBD, 1 VM). The point of contact for the servers is Prof. Yogesh Simmhan.
  • Storage: NetGear RN314 4-bay NAS box, with 4 Toshiba 2TB compatible HDD. The point of contact for the storage is Prof. Yogesh Simmhan.
  • Projector: The department currently has a portable LG BG630 projector, XGA (1024 x 768), WiDi/Miracast wireless projection.
  • Printers/Scanners/Copiers: Two Canon color network printers iR-ADV C3320 at Room # 219 and Room No # 314a. Some of the features of this printer include scan and send through email, secure printing etc.