Admissions FAQ

  1. I am a student with a non-computer science background. How do programs at CDS fit me?
    A student with a keen interest in any conventional area of science/engineering can enhance their knowledge/skills in their area of interest (refer to the research areas of the faculty). Knowledge of the common mathematical and statistical methods applied across many disciplines can be very helpful to diversify your areas of expertise significantly; it is a unique feature of this program. In addition it helps you develop the scientific computing and programming skills essential for modeling, simulation and design in any typical application.
  2. I am a student with a background in computer science and programming. Can M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) program benefit me?
    This program enables you to enhance your existing skills and apply them to a wider variety of compute and data intensive problems. Thus you will not only know ‘how to’ use your skills, but also ‘where to’, and to solve them at large scales. In addition it provides a solid background on programming advanced computer systems like HPC clusters, and Clouds, and computational and data science methods, that are applied in nearly all areas of engineering and sciences.
  3. What are the eligibility criteria and procedures followed for the M.Tech (Computational and Data Science), M.Tech. (Research) and Ph.D programs?
    The eligibility criteria for the M.Tech course program is here, admission procedure is here. For the M.Tech. (Research) and Ph.D research programs the criteria is listed here, and admission procedure is listed here.
  4. I wish to know about how to get into IISc and has some questions, what shall I do?
    Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of IISc admissions site, it has all required details. 
  5. What is the academic curriculum followed for the programs?
    The curriculum for the M.Tech (CDS), M.Tech (Research) and Ph.D. programs are here.
  6. Does SERC also offer admission for students?
    The Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) is formed out of the academic wing of SERC in December 2015. All academic/research programs of SERC have been placed under CDS. So SERC does not offer any admissions for students.
  7. What is the difference between M.Tech (Computational and Data Science) and M.Tech. (Research) courses?
    M.Tech.(research) is a thesis based degree program with a strong research component (it was earlier known as M.Sc. (Engg.) program), where as M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) is a degree program that is by course work with a project dissertation. Note also that M.Tech. (Research) is offered in two streams at CDS, Computational Science (CD-CP) and Computer & Data Systems (CD-CS). The duration of M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) is strictly 2 years. The duration of M.Tech. (research) is between 1-3 years with average duration being 2.5 years.
  8. I have completed (or about to complete) B.E./B.Tech. degree, Can I apply to both M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) and M.Tech. (Research) programs?
    Yes, provided you are having the valid GATE scores. Note that for getting admitted into M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) GATE eligibility is mandatory. Also, the GATE cutoff’s for these programs vary, please check for earlier year used cutoffs (web). Please see the answer to next question as well for GATE qualification for M.Tech. (Research) programs.
  9. I do not have GATE score, can I still apply to CDS research (Ph.D./M.Tech. (Research)) programs? 
    If your basic qualification is M.Tech., then you do not need to have GATE score for applying to the Ph.D. programs. Also, students who have a Bachelors’ degree from Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTI) with a GPA of 8.5 or above (out of 10) do not need a GATE score. Check for all cases where the GATE is only desirable under eligibility of research programs of IISc.
  10. I am a B.Tech. Student, can I apply to Ph.D. programs that are offered at CDS?
    Note that CDS has two streams of admissions, computational science (CD-CP) and computer & data systems (CD-CS). Both are two separate streams to be applied for among the three options of departments you can choose, while filling in the application. The eligibility of Ph.D. program is here .
  11. What is the GATE cutoff for CDS research/M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) Programs?
    It depends on the year of admissions. The GATE cutoff used in the previous admission cycle are typically put up on the web along with the eligibility by the admission section. You can also get them by contacting the Joint Registrar, Academic section (contact details are here)
  12. The application deadline is March 22, but the GATE/CSIR-UGC-NET/JEST results will be announced later than March 22, so what should I do? 
    You will have an option to update the national test (GATE/CSIR-UGC-NET/JEST) results later than March 22. So please apply before March 22 and as soon as the national test (GATE/CSIR-UGC-NET/JEST) results are announced, log-in to the admission site to update the results. The exact deadlines for updating the national test results are here
  13. How are the admission brochures that are posted on the CDS website are helpful for the prospective students?
    The admission brochures is for those people who have been shortlisted (called for written test/component/interview) for the department selection to describe the process followed at the department.  The shortlisting for department selection is based on the academic records and/or GATE/national test score/rank.
  14. I missed applying for admissions cycle Aug-Dec term, can I still attend interviews?
    Only those candidates, who have applied and received call letters for interviews can attend the same. 
  15. I have applied for CDS research admission (M.Tech. (research) and Ph.D.) I got a interview call letter for the same. Can I attend CDS-Computer and Data Systems (CDS-CS) and CDS-Computational Science (CDS-CP) interviews? 
    No. You have to choose one stream, either CDS-CP or CDS-CS and appear for only one stream interview.
  16. I have some difficulty in filling in the on-line application (or) found that the application form is not allowing me to choose CDS despite of having eligibility criterion, whom should I contact? 
    Please contact  Joint Registrar (Academic), Admissions Unit; contact details are here.
  17. When will you start accepting applications for the M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs of the department. Is there a last date? 
    The details are here.
  18. I am a working professional, do you have any part-time programs? 
    The only part-time program currently CDS is hosting is Ph.D. (ERP). The details can be found here. Under this, the students need to apply for one of the two streams of research admissions: computational science (CD-CP) and computer & data systems (CD-CS). 
  19. I still have questions regarding admissions/degree programs at CDS, whom shall I contact? 
    Please refer to to the Frequently Asked Questions section of IISc admissions site. Still you have questions, please contact the Chair (e-mail: chair.cds #, replace # with @). 
  20. I am an SC/ST candidate, is it mandatory for me to attend the pre-interview familiarisation programs planned before the interviews?.
    We strongly advise you to attend the pre-interview familiarisation program, but it is not mandatory for you to attend it. You can directly attend the written test/interviews.  
  21. I have been called for interview at CDS and I am a general candidate, can I attend the pre-interview familiarisation programs planned before the interviews?.
    Yes, we strongly advise all candidates who have been called for the written test (for M.Tech. (CDS)) or interviews (for M.Tech. (Research)/Ph.D.) to attend the respective sessions.
  22. I have been called for interview at CDS for a particular date, but I have a clash in my schedule, can I reschedule my interview?
    Yes and No. Yes, in case the dates you are looking for falls within the interview schedule week for research admissions, i.e., for MTech (research)/PhD, it is May 18-22, 2020.  For attending interviews on any other date (other than the allotted date) with the same reporting time, you do not require permission. NO, in case, it is beyond and before these dates. NO for M.Tech. Course program (Computational and Data Science), as there is a written test (13th Apr 2020) and it is conducted at IISc in a particular time slot common to all.
  23. How many openings are there for M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science)?
    Total number of openings (including reservation) are 30. It is only an estimate, it will vary depending on the number of applications as well as performance of students.
  24. It is mentioned that tentative merit list will be posted on CDS web for M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) and M.Tech. (Research)/Ph.D. admissions after interviews are over. If my name is there in the tentative merit list, will I get an offer ?
    The merit list only tentative. All offers have to be made by the admissions unit after the approval from the Dean and Central Admissions Committee. The merit list is also may not be in any particular rank order, so your name being there tentative merit list will not guarantee any offer.
  25. How shall I apply for sponsored fellowships available at the CDS website?
    Note that these fellowship are available only for those admitted into the department. So for those who join the program (after being through with admissions), these will be announced and instructions for applying for the same will be communicated to the incoming students.
  26. I have applied to CDS or attended the interviews at CDS, where do I check for interview call letter or the final admission letter?
    These will be available at the application portal, if you login into the IISc admissions/application portal, you shall be able to see them. The e-mails sent by admissions section might end up in your spam, so it is always safe to check the call or admission letter at the application portal.

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