Degree Programs Summary

CDS offers three types of degrees based on coursework or through research.

  • For admission details to the Ph.D. and M.Tech.(Research) research programs, click here.
  • For admission details to the M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) course program, click here.
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Degrees by Research

CDS offers two degree programs through research, Ph.D. and M.Tech. (Research). The Ph.D. program lasts for 3-5 years with 3-6 courses taken and a research Dissertation that is submitted. The M.Tech.(Research) program is for 2 years, with 3-4 courses taken and a research Thesis that is submitted.
Research activities at CDS is broadly categorized into two streams: Computational Science and Computer and Data Systems. Research labs are placed in one of these two streams. Data science and engineering research also span these stream.

Computational Science Stream (CDS-CP): This deals with computational methods and their application to scientific domains. Research in this area include Bio-molecular Computation, Computational Electrodynamics, Computational Photonics, Medical Imaging, Numerical Math & Scientific Computing, Scientific Computation, Structural Biology and Bio-Computing. These typically require skills at the intersection of applied mathematics, application-specific knowledge and effective use of computing platforms.

Computer and Data Systems Stream (CDS-CS): This deals with the design, implementation and evaluation of high performance and scalable computer hardware and software systems. Prominent research topics in the Computer Systems stream include: Big Data platforms & applications, Computer Aided Design, Database Systems, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, High Performance Computing, Image & Video Analytics, Machine learning, and Middleware & Runtime Systems.

Degrees by Coursework

The M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) at CDS is a unique inter-disciplinary program that brings together computational and data science aspects to address the major scientific problems. It educates and trains students to ‘model’ problems or ‘simulate’ processes varying across many disciplines in science and engineering.

The M.Tech. program spans 2 years (4 semesters). In the first year, students are exposed to fundamental concepts of Computational and data Science such as data analysis, mathematical and computational tools. The second year offers students several fields of specialization through elective courses. The program culminates with a computational and data science dissertation project in their second year. The details are as below:

More Details

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