Help Page for Candidates to be Admitted Under PMRF Scheme at IISc, Bangalore

Welcome to the help page for candidates to be admitted under PMRF scheme at IISc, Bangalore

Important Dates for new admissions: 

  • Issue of Offer letters from IISc admission section: June 28, 2018 (on or before)

[June 22, 2018:  

1. Offer letters for the candidates who have paid fees for the IISc regular research admissions have been sent out to give a consent to move to PMRF scheme, please check your e-mail.

2. Offer letters for the candidates who have applied for IISc regular research admissions have been sent out to accept the offer on the IISc admissions portal by paying fees, please check your e-mail. 

3. Those candidates who have NOT applied for IISc regular research admissions have been asked to register at the IISc admissions portal by June 25, 2018 5:00 PM to release the offers on June 26, 2018. Please check your e-mail.

June 26, 2018:

1. Payment of fees link is activated on the IISc applicant portal. Please check on the  portal (IISc admissions) and pay the fees. In case of any difficulty, please contact the Joint Registrar, Academic section (contact details are here).

2. Offer letters (e-mail) for candidates who have filled in the application form recently in the IISc admissions portal was sent out. Please check your e-mail. You can pay the fees by logging into the applicant portal (IISc admissions)]

  • Last date for payment of fees: July 5, 2018
  • Last date for with drawl of fees: July 15, 2018 (5:30 PM)
  • Date of Reporting at IISc: July 25, 2018 (9 AM at Main Building, IISc)

Important Dates for current Ph.D. students of IISc: 

  • Issue of option form from IISc academic section through the chair of Department: June 26, 2018 (on or before) [June 22, 2018: DONE Check your e-mail.] 
  • Submission of duly completed option form to IISc academic section through the Chair of Department: July 15, 2018 (on or before)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: I have been contacted by IISc faculty to fill out a google form, does this mean that I have been allotted IISc?

Ans: Yes

Q2: What department have been allotted to me in IISc?

Ans: The admission section will be providing you an offer letter that will have the details of the allotted department.

Q3: When will I receive the offer letter from IISc?

Ans: If you have already applied to IISc research/course program, you will receive the offer letter on or before Tuesday (June 26, 2018). If you have not applied to IISc research program, you will receive the offer letter on or before Thursday (June 28, 2018).

Q4: Why there is a delay in giving offer letter to candidates who have not applied for the research program of IISc?

Ans: IISc admissions are centralised and offer letters can be sent only through the applicant portal. Those who have not applied for the research program will be asked to register there (before the end of Tuesday (June 26, 2018), details will be sent out by e-mail). Only after receiving the filled in application form, IISc will make an offer (via e-mail) under the PMRF scheme.

Q5: I am currently a Ph.D. student at IISc, do I need to do anything?

Ans: You will be given an option form to change your scholarship to PMRF and you need to submit this option form before July 15, 2018. The option form will be sent to you before Tuesday (June 26, 2018)

Q6: What is the fees structure for the PMRF candidates?

Ans: It is same as regular Ph.D. students (details will be available in the offer letter)

Q7: I have been already offered admission in IISc either in the same department or other department for the Ph.D./M.Tech. (Research) program and I have paid fees, do I need to pay the fees again?. 

Ans: There is no need to pay the fees again. You will be given an option to transfer your admission to PMRF scheme with the department name mentioned in the offer letter. Once you give a consent, you shall be able to see on the applicant portal, your mode of entry being changed to ‘PMRF’.  However, for those who paid fees for M.Tech. (Research) program, you will be asked to pay the difference amount between Direct Ph.D. program. The offer letter will have the details.

Q8: I have been allotted X department, can I change it to Y department? 

Ans: No

Q9: Do I know which stream/advisor in the allotted department I will be joining? 

Ans: You will be joining in a stream or particular advisor lab as per the allotted department norms, please contact the chair of the allotted department.

Q10: As my reporting date is July 25, 2018, can I come one day early? 

Ans: The hostel will be allotted only after finishing your registration on July 25, 2018. So please report only on that day. If you are coming early, you have to make your own arrangements of stay in Bangalore.

Q11: What will be the tenure of my Ph.D. fellowship? 

Ans: The details will be provided in the offer letter or option form cover letter sent by academic section.

Q12: Do I need to execute a bond for admission through PMRF scheme at IISc? 

Ans: As of now ‘No’. If PMRF National Coordination Committee (NCC) decides to administer a bond at later point of time, you will be asked to sign a bond.

Q13: What is the monitoring mechanism for the PMRF scheme at IISc? 

Ans: It is as below:

  1. There will be internal reviews twice a year.
  2. There will be a National Convention every year where all PMRFs will showcase their work. This will be an occasion for the Industry to participate in the Convention.
  3. There will be a website set up by the NCC showcasing the areas of work of each PMRF which will list all publications.

Other than these, you will be governed by the guidelines of the PMRF scheme effective from time to time. The guidelines that are effective for full-time regular Ph.D. students of IISc will also be applicable to you.

Q14: How will we receive the offer letters and pay fees? 

Ans: The offer letter will be via e-mail. The fees payment will be via online application portal (IISc admissions).

Q15: I am unable to register at online portal (IISc admissions) and/or have technical difficulties (including payment of fees), whom should I contact? 

Ans: You can contact the Joint Registrar, Academic section (contact details are here).

Q16: I logged into online portal (IISc admissions), there is no offer letter, should I be worried? 

Ans: The offer letter is an e-mail communication. The fees payment is through the on line portal.

Q17: I have given my consent for transfer of fees paid from regular admissions to PMRF, still the online portal (IISc admissions) does not show mode of entry as PMRF, should I worry? 

Ans: The on-line portal updating for mode of entry will happen on or before June 28, 2018. Please check after June 28, 2018.

Q18: What documents should I carry for the  July 25, 2018 registartion? 

Ans: Please carry printout of the offer letter (e-mail). Also please carry your final degree certificates (including 10th & 12th) that shows that you have CGPA at or above 8.0 out of 10.0 and copy of aadhar. It will advisable to carry atleast one set of photocopies (self attested) of final degree certificates and aadhar. Also please carry set of passport/stamp sized photographs. In addition, the online portal (IISc admissions) after you log-in will have research annexure, you need to fill in those as well. In case of questions, please contact the Joint Registrar, Academic section (contact details are here).

Q19: Will I be given hostel accommodation? 

Ans: Yes, provided you need it and paid the appropriate fees.

Q20: I have more questions, whom do I contact? 

Ans: Please write an e-mail to: (replace # with @).

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