Mid-year Research Admissions, 2019-2020

Interview dates for PhD Program: November 18-19, 2019

Interested candidates must apply to CDS and the department committee will shortlist the candidates for a research interview based on their GATE Score and/or B.Tech./M.Tech. scores. The shortlisted candidates must attend an interview, which consists of a written component and an oral interview

Eligibility: Please check IISc admission portal

Research Interview Process

Research labs at CDS are placed in one of two streams: Computational Science (CD-CP) and Computer and Data systems (CD-CS). At the time of interview, candidates must choose from one of these streams and select research labs within a stream by filling out a preference form. Interview process of each stream is given below.

Candidates have to carefully review their eligibility and choose one research stream from the department, either CD-CP (Computational Science) or CD-CS (Computer and Data System) at the time of interview. A candidate can pick only one stream, and multiple labs within the stream. The written component and oral interview topics will depend on the stream selected. Please refer to the appropriate brochure given below carefully before filing in the combined preference sheet given in the respective brochures.

Tentative Merit List

The following candidates have been shortlisted following research interviews for  Ph.D. midterm admissions held between Nov 18-19, 2019. Kindly note that this is only a provisional merit-list and not the final list of selected candidates.  The final list of selected candidates based on available seats, etc. will be available within three weeks with the admissions unit.

Application NumberStream