General Guidelines

General Guidelines to CDS Students

The students of CDS are required to follow these guidelines (relating to academic and other matters). The rules and regulations for institute students given in the Student Information Handbook also applies to CDS students.

  1. Application for leave of absence (form available in #103) is to be made in writing to the Chairman through the Faculty Adviser (in case of I Year M.Tech students), Project Guide (for II year M.Tech Students), or Research Supervisor (for Research students).
  2. Each student is eligible to take leave of absence for 30 working days in an academic year. For additional leave of absence on medical and other grounds, please refer to the Student Information Handbook.
  3. Scholarship bill must be signed by the Student and countersigned by the Faculty Adviser/Project Guide/Research Supervisor every month. The student is responsible for getting the signatures. Completed scholarship bill should be submitted to CDS student office on or before 8th of every month. Scholarship bills of those students who do not get the necessary signatures or who do not sign the attendance register regularly will not be processed in the current month. Students are advised to check every month whether the scholarship amounts have been credited to their bank accounts and any problem related to this must be reported to CDS student office (Ms. Mary Anitha) immediately (within a month or so).
  4. Research students must complete and submit the scholarship renewal forms every year in a timely manner in order to receive their scholarships in an uninterrupted manner. Course students must complete the scholarship renewals every semester as indicated in the Student Information Handbook.
  5. Course registration must be completed every semester within the stipulated time specified in the Academic Calendar. Completed course registration cards should be given to the respective in- structors and the Master card should be given to CDS student office (Ms. Mary Anitha) within this stipulated time. Course registration forms and master cards must be duly signed by the Faculty Adviser/Project Guide/Research Supervisor.
  6. Course withdrawal, if any, should be applied using the prescribed form, (available in CDS Student Office) duly signed by the Faculty Adviser/ Project Guide/Research Supervisor and the Course Instructor. The form should be submitted to the CDS student office within the time specified in the academic calendar.
  7. New research students must fill up the research registration form after identifying their research supervisors. This should be done within 8 weeks from the date of joining. The research registration form should be submitted to the CDS student office for onward transmission.