DS211: Numerical Optimization

Department of Computational and Data Sciences

Numerical Optimization

  • Instructor: Deepak Subramani (www | email)
  • Teaching Assistant:
  • Course number: DS211
  • Credits: 3:0
  • Semester: Aug, 2019
  • Lecture: Tue/Th 11:30AM-1PM (First class: Aug 6, 11:30AM)
  • Room: CDS 202
  • Course Sign-up: https://forms.gle/MKj9p24AVsAj7u3G6


Introduces numerical optimization with emphasis on convergence and numerical analysis of algorithms as well as applying them in problems of practical interest. Topics include: Methods for solving matrix problems and linear systems that arise in the context of optimization algorithms. Major algorithms in unconstrained optimization (e.g., modified Newton, quasi-Newton, steepest descent, nonlinear conjugate gradient, trust-region methods, line search methods), constrained optimization (e.g., simplex, barrier, penalty, sequential gradient, augmented Lagrangian, sequential linear constrained, interior point methods), derivative-free methods (e.g., simulated annealing, Bayesian optimization, Surrogate-assisted optimization), dynamic programming, and optimal control.


Basic knowledge of Numerical Methods, linear algebra, and consent from the advisor

Text Books

*Practical Optimization by Philip E. Gill, Walter Murray, Margaret H. Wright, Emerald Group Publishing Limited (1982).

*Numerical Optimization, J. Nocedal and S. Wright, Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering, 2006.

*Practical Methods of Optimization by R. Fletcher 2nd edition, Wiley, 1987.

*Introduction to Linear Optimization by Bertsimas, Tsitsiklis. MIT Press (1997)

*Linear Programming with MATLAB, M. Ferris, O. Mangasarian, and S. Wright, MPS-SIAM Series on Optimization, 2007.


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