New Course: Data Assimilation to Dynamical Systems

23 Nov 16    Web Admin

A new course DS 391 Data Assimilation to Dynamical Systems is being offered at CDS in the Jan, 2017 semester. Quick introduction to nonlinear dynamics: bifurcations, unstable manifolds and attractors, Lyapunov exponents, sensitivity to initial conditions and concept of predictability. Markov chains, evolution of probabilities (Fokker-Planck equation), state estimation problems. An introduction to the problem of data assimilation (with examples) Bayesian viewpoint, discrete and continuous time cases Kalman filter (linear estimation theory) Least squares formulation (possibly PDE examples) Nonlinear Filtering: Particle filtering and MCMC sampling methods. Introduction to Advanced topics (as and when time permits): Parameter estimation, Relations to control theory, Relations to synchronization. Prof. Raha is the instructor of this course.

Prerequisites: Permission from the Instructor(s).

Texts and References

  • Edward Ott, Chaos in Dynamical Systems, Camridge press, 2nd Edition, 2002.(or one of the many excellent books on dynamical systems)
  • Van Leeuwen, Peter Jan, Cheng, Yuan, Reich, Sebastian, Nonlinear Data Assimilation, Springer Verlag, July 2015.
  • Sebastian Reich, Colin Cotter, Probabilistic Forecasting and Bayesian Data Assimilation, Cambridge University Press, August 2015
  • Law, Kody, and Stuart, Andrew, and Zygalakis, Konstantinos, Data Assimilation, A Mathematical Introduction, Springer Texts in Applied Mathematics, September 2015.
    [First part of the book is available at]