Fujitsu Limited and IISc sign MoU for collaboration in data science

22 May 24    Web Admin

Fujitsu Limited and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have signed an MoU to bring together researchers with diverse theoretical and systems backgrounds. The collaboration aims to lay down the algorithmic foundations for the field of data science across the full breadth of scientific issues that arise in the rich and complex processes which use data to make decisions. It will also focus on modeling issues, inferential issues, computational issues, and application-related issues.

The MoU was signed between IISc and Fujitsu Limited on 22 May 2024 at the IISc Bangalore campus. Faculty members Soumyendu Raha and Debnath Pal, Professors at the Department of Computational and Data Sciences, are the Principal Investigators from the IISc side.

The MoU focuses on joint research towards the creation of standards, guidelines and protocols for trustworthy and responsible use of research data. It also focuses on outreach activities to promote knowledge dissemination in the High Performance Computing (HPC) domain. IISc and Fujitsu researchers will work jointly on areas such as high dimensions and spikes; graphs, diffusion maps, and semi-supervised learning; spectral clustering; concentration inequalities; sparse vectors and low-rank matrices; sparse recovery and scarification; stochastic block models and synchronisation problems.

The initiative will emphasise the exploration of new high performance computation paradigms and their realisation. The emerging technological field of joint research in high-performance algorithms will be the thematic core of these efforts, in order to develop effective and useful solutions for data science problems.

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