IBM renews collaboration with IISc to drive hybrid cloud and AI innovation

27 Sep 23    Web Admin

IBM India Research Lab renewed its research collaboration with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru to transform and drive breakthrough innovations in hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). In 2021, IBM and IISc launched the IBM-IISc Hybrid Cloud lab to advance research in hybrid cloud technologies. Through the collaboration, IBM aims to drive innovation and provide practical solutions to complex global challenges by tapping the intellectual talent of students, faculty and industry researchers.

Some of the research topics are to build new technologies to orchestrate and optimise workloads in a hybrid cloud environment, including edge clouds, quantum-classical and serverless; leverage observability and analytics capabilities spanning the hybrid multi-cloud environment to efficiently manage resources; and develop techniques for sustainable computing and optimise carbon emissions for hybrid cloud workloads.  

Prof. Yogesh Simmhan coordinates the program housed at the Department of Computational and Data Sciences, and Profs. J. Lakshmi, Parimal Parag and Prathosh A.P. are also part of the engagement.