New Course: Scalable Systems for Data Science

12 Jan 16    Yogesh Simmhan

A new course SE256 (2:1) Scalable Systems for Data Science is being offered at CDS in the Jan, 2016 semester. This course will introduce the fundamental systems aspects of big data platforms, and how these platforms can be used to build large-scale data intensive applications. It will cover topics on: Why Big Data platforms are necessary? How they are designed? What are the programming abstractions (e.g. MapReduce) that are used to compose data science applications? How the programming models are translated to scalable runtime execution on clusters and Clouds (e.g. Hadoop)? How do you design algorithms for analyzing large datasets? and How do you map them to Big Data platforms? Yogesh Simmhan and Partha Talukdar are the instructors for the course. More details on the course website.