CDS Research Admissions 2023: Provisional Merit List

After the CDS Research Admission interviews held between May 22-26, 2023, the department recommended the following candidates for admission into Ph.D/M.Tech(Research). Note that this is only a provisional list, not the final list of selected candidates. The final list of candidates who are offered admission will be decided by the Institute and available in about two weeks’ time with the admissions unit.

The list is ordered by the Application Number. The degree program the candidate has been recommended for is also listed.

Application NumberDegree
230100059 PhD
230100418 PhD
230100503 PhD
230101303 PhD
230101419 PhD
230101444 MTech
230101496 MTech
230101762 PhD
230101874 MTech
230103522 PhD
230104168 PhD
230104205 MTech
230104272 MTech
230104794 PhD
230104968 MTech
230105183 MTech
230105275 PhD
230105873 MTech
230105979 PhD
230106192 PhD
230106356 MTech
230106357 MTech
230106413 MTech
230107168 MTech
230107307 PhD
230107328 PhD