On-line Registration for Courses

23 Dec 16    Web Admin

For Jan-Apr, 2017 semester, all courses offered by CDS department will have on-line registration.


Course Schedule

For the JAN-APR 2017 semester, all CDS/CSA/ECE/EE/ESE students’ course
registration will be online.

*There will be no physical registration cards for these students.

* Instead of these cards, you will request registration online.

Go to the online platform:

Account id: This is an email id (either the department id, or your id
given at the time of admission).
Password: click on forgot password and follow instructions in the email
to set your password.
(If you encounter “Unknown user”, you may have typed a non-preregistered
email. Please reply to this email to get this fixed.)

Students request registrations by 04 Jan (EE/ESE/ECE) or 16 Jan (CDS/CSA)
Faculty advisers finish approving registrations by 05 Jan (EE/ESE/ECE)
or 17 Jan (CDS/CSA)

Instructors finish approving registrations by 06 Jan (EE/ESE/ECE) or 18
Jan (CDS/CSA).

OTHER DEPARTMENT (except CDS/CSA/ECE/EE/ESE) students can still use the physical registration cards for registration.

Which courses?
First discuss with your advisor on the courses to credit, to audit, and
if a research student, to non-RTP credit.

Search for your course or project, choose ‘Credit’ or ‘Audit’ or
‘Non-RTP Credit’, and then click on ‘Join Course’. Do this for each of
your desired courses / project.

OTHER DEPARTMENT (except CDS/CSA/ECE/EE/ESE) students can still use the physical registration cards for registration.

Work flow:
Once you initiate this request, you will see ‘In progress’ until your
adviser approves, all instructors approve, and DCC chairman approves, at
which time it will become ‘Registered’.

If your profile data is incorrect, please reply to this email. If you
don’t see a course you want to register for, see the FAQ. For general
feedback, please email admin@coursereg.iisc.ac.in. You can also call
x2387 (Varsha) for technical assistance.

Students can also contact Ms. Mary (Room No: 219 of CDS, e-mail: mary@cds.iisc.ac.in) for further details.