Admissions FAQ

  1. I am a student with a non-computer science background. How does programs at CDS fit for me?
    A student with a keen interest in any conventional area of science/engineering can enhance their knowledge/skills in their area of interest (refer to the research areas of the faculty). Knowledge of the common mathematical methods applied across many disciplines can be very helpful to diversify your areas of expertise significantly; it is a unique feature of this program. In addition it helps you develop the computational skills essential for modeling, simulation and design in any typical application.
  2. I am a student with a background in computer science and programming. Can this program benefit me?
    This program enables you to enhance your existing skills and apply them to a wider variety of problems. Thus you will not only know ‘how to’ use your skills, but also ‘where to’. In addition it provides a solid background in computational methods applied in nearly all areas of engineering and sciences.
  3. What are the eligibility criteria and procedures followed for the M.Tech (CDS), M.Tech. (Research) and Ph.D programs?
    The criteria for the M.Tech program is here, and for the M.Tech. (Research) and Ph.D programs the criteria is listed here.
  4. What is the academic curriculum followed for the programs?
    The curriculum for the M.Tech, M.Tech (Research) and PhD programs are here.
  5. Does SERC also offer admission for students?
    The Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) is formed out of the academic wing of SERC in December 2015, all academic/research programs of SERC have been placed under CDS. So SERC does not offer any admissions for students.
  6. What is difference between M.Tech (Computational and Data Science) and M.Tech. (Research) courses?
    M.Tech.(research) is a thesis based degree program (it is earlier known as M.Sc. (Engg.) program), where as M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) is a degree program that is by course work, it has dissertation. Note also that M.Tech. (Research) is offered in two streams at CDS, computational science and computer systems.
  7. I am a B.Tech. Student, can I apply to Ph.D. programs that are offered at CDS?
    Note that CDS has two streams of admissions, Computational Science and Computer Systems. Both are two separate streams to be applied for among the three options of departments you can choose, while filling in the application. If you are B.Tech. student with a valid GATE score/any other national exam as listed in the eligibility, you are eligible for the direct Ph.D. program.
  8. What is the GATE cutoff for CDS research/M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) Programs?
    It depends on the year of admissions. The GATE cutoff used in the previous admission cycle are typically put up on the web along with the eligibility by the admission section. You can also get them by contacting the Assistant Registrar, Academic section (contact details are here)
  9. I have been called for M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) written test, how many days should I plan my travel?
    Please plan for minimum of 2 days stay in Bangalore. The M.Tech. (computational science) written test will be held on the first day, if you are successful in it, the oral interview will be held on the next day. 
  10. How are the admission brochures that are posted on the CDS website are helpful for the prospective students?
    The admission brochures is for those people who have been shortlisted (called for written test/component/interview) for the department selection to describe the process followed at the department.  The shortlisting for department selection is based on the academic records and/or GATE/national test score/rank.
  11. I missed applying for admissions cycle Aug-Dec term, can I still attend interviews?
    Only those candidates, who have applied and received call letters for interviews can attend the same. 
  12. I have applied for CDS-Computational Science (CDS-CP) program by mistake and I got a interview call letter for the same. Can I attend CDS-Computer and Data Systems (CDS-CS) interviews? 
    No. Both streams CDS-CP and CDS-CS have different admission criterions. You need a permission from the admission section for shifting from CDS-CP to CDS-CS (contact details are here)