Course Degree Admissions, 2021

M.Tech. (Computational & Data Science) Admissions, 2021

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Important Dates:

  • Applications Opening: February 22, 2021 (Online at
  • Application Deadline: March 31, 2021 (Online at
  • Students shortlisted for online aptitude test and oral interviews: Apr 10, 2021
    • GATE score will be used to shortlist students who will appear for the online test and interview
  • Pre-interview Familiarisation/orientation towards MTech (CDS): Optional session.
    • Time: 12 Apr 2021 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Venue: Online, Microsoft Teams. The meeting link has been sent by email to shortlisted candidates.
  • Online Aptitude Test: 15 Apr 2021 (Time: 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM, Online using HackerEarth platform, further details have been sent by email) only with shortlisted candidates.
  • Oral Interview: April 19-23, 2021 (Time: TBA, Venue: Microsoft Teams).
  • All students who appear for the Online Aptitude Test will also be called for online oral interviews
  • GATE qualification exam score will carry 70% weightage, whereas the Online Aptitude Test and Oral Tests will together carry 30% weightage. Attempting both the Aptitude Test and Oral Interview is mandatory for you to be considered in the selection process.
  • If you have also applied to other departments at IISc and they are conducting online admissions tests/interviews, you may receive separate emails from those departments if you were shortlisted for their programs. Each online test is valid only for that specific department and degree program admission.
  • NOTE: Official admission offers for the MTech (CDS) course degree by IISc and the acceptance of the same by the student will be done through the Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP) ( Make sure to register on the COAP portal and check the status after the interviews are completed. The applicant must login to the COAP portal to accept the offer from IISc.

About the M.Tech. (CDS) Program

Computational Science and Data Science are interdisciplinary areas that bring together the domain‐specific knowledge of science and engineering with relevant areas of computing systems and formal foundations. While computational science investigates scientific computing applications that require mathematical techniques and parallel computing, data science explores data-intensive applications that use scalable statistical and machine learning methods with Big Data and Cloud platforms.

The M.Tech. (Computational & Data Science) degree at CDS is designed as a course and project based program to be completed in 24 months. Students will take 36 credits of coursework over 2-3 semesters. Courses are divided into hard core courses (14 credits), soft core (10 credits), and electives (12 credits). Students will also complete a dissertation project worth 28 credits over a 12 month period. These impart foundational and scalable systems skills for computational and data sciences, with advanced courses selected by students to allow specialization on methods, platforms, and applications. More details are at

The M.Tech. (CDS) Admission Process

  • Candidates who wish to apply to the M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) the program should do so through the IISc Admissions website:
  • Students with a BE / B Tech or equivalent degree in any discipline (with a valid GATE) or M Sc or equivalent degree in any discipline (with a valid GATE) are eligible to apply. Eligible GATE papers are: AE/BT/CE/CH/CS/EC/EE/IN/ MA/ME/MT/PH/ST. In all cases, a strong mathematical and programming background is required.
  • Details for the program are listed at under “19 Computational and Data Science (CP)” section.
  • Based on the application, the department will shortlist students and notify them to appear online for an Online Aptitude Test and Oral interview.
  • Pre-interview Familiarization/orientation towards MTech (CDS) will typically be held the week before the interview. This will be open to all candidates who were shortlisted for Online Aptitude test/interview, especially SC/ST candidates. The short-listed candidates are encouraged to attend this session.
  • The interview process begins with a 90-minute Aptitude Test conducted over the HackerEarth platform on a specified day and time. Candidates should have a laptop with an internet connection and a webcam during the test. Details will be provided by email to shortlisted candidates.
  • All applicants who appear for the Online Aptitude Test will be called for an online Oral Interview.
  • The syllabus for the Online Aptitude Test and the oral interview will be from:
    • Foundations: Linear Algebra/Matrices, Probability, and Combinatorics at the undergraduate engineering mathematics level, in addition to basic Calculus and Geometry.
    • Programming: Data Structures (arrays, matrices, etc.), and Basic Programming.
  • The Online Aptitude Test will test the mathematical foundations of the students, and programming using a high level-language like C/C++/Java/Python (student’s choice). Expect about five multiple-choice questions and two programming questions in the exam. A sample Aptitude Test is available here (Python will be available as a programming language choice even though the sample doesn’t include it). The HackerEarth interface will allow you to type the program, compile it and run test cases, all within the browser. We will provide the basic code template for reading and writing the inputs and outputs for each problem.
  • The online Oral Interview will be conducted using Microsoft Teams, and evaluate your ability to think and solve problems interactively using pen and paper. Candidates should bring a valid photo-ID with them for identity verification. Students will also be tested on core subjects and projects from their undergraduate. For e.g., Algorithms for a Computer Science student, or Fluid/Solid Mechanics for a Mechanical Engineering student. The typical duration of the Oral Interview is 20 minutes. Details (e.g., meeting link) will be provided by email to shortlisted candidates.

Admissions Related Frequently Answered Questions 

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