Intuit Data Science Fellowship 2017

Intuit Data Science Fellowship 2017 (CDS-CS)

Inuit is supporting the “Intuit Data Science Fellowship” at CDS, IISc, Bangalore in order to attract highly talented students in India to undertake research on data science and systems. This award is open to research students admitted to the CDS-CS stream for the 2017 admissions cycle.

Eligibility & Selection

All M.Tech.(Research) students who join the CDS Computer and Data Systems Stream (CDS-CS) in Aug 2017 and wish to pursue research on data science and systems are eligible. The selection will be made by a department committee from among the meritorious students offered admission to the CDS-CS stream in 2017, and who have accepted the admission offer.


  • An enhanced scholarship that is higher than the MHRD scholarship levels
  • A Contingency grant for books and miscellaneous to support research
  • Support for International conference travel
  • A possible internship with Intuit

Contact: Partha Talukdar, Computational and Data Sciences, IISc (

For a list of other fellowships available to PhD and Masters students at CDS, see the fellowhips page.

* Subjected to administrative approvals from IISc and Intuit.