Taget India M.Tech. Fellowships 2018

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Taget India M.Tech. Fellowships 2018 (brochure)

About Target Corporation India

As an extension of our headquarters, Target India operates as a fully-integrated part of our global team. Target India has more than 2,600 team members engaged in work that supports the company’s global strategy across business areas such as technology, marketing, human resources, finance, merchandising, supply chain, property development, analytics and reporting.  For more information visit Target.com/India or follow @TeamTargetIndia on Twitter.

Target cares about and invests in the career development of more than 341,000 team members worldwide and the communities where they live and work. Target’s International Giving Program focuses on creating accessible, quality educational opportunities for children and youth in many of the countries where Target has offices, including India.

About the Fellowship:

Target India M.Tech. Fellowships are instituted at IISc and is aimed at attracting highly talented students in the area of data/text mining (including natural language processing) and computer vision (including deep learning). The fellowships will be awarded to two of the incoming (2018-2019) M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) students.

Entitlements of the Fellowship:

➢ Enhanced fellowship of INR 16,000 per month for 24 months

➢ Travel-cum-contingency amount of INR 1,10,000 for national travel and other expenses to support research including buying a laptop

➢ Internship of three months during the summer of 2019

➢ Interact and work with Target teams on real business problems

➢ Share and learn with larger talent pool at Target

Eligibility & selection:

Open to all M.Tech. (Computational and Data Science) students starting in August 2018 and wishing to pursue their dissertation project in the area of

  1. data/text mining and natural language processing with Prof. Partha Talukdar as the dissertation advisor.
  2. computer vision and deep learning with Prof. Anirban Chakraborty as the dissertation advisor.

The selection committee will comprise CDS department faculty members and representatives from Target Corporation India.

Contact: Chair, CDS (e-mail: chair.cds@iisc.ac.in)

For a list of other fellowships available to PhD and Masters students at CDS, see the fellowships page.