[CDS SEMINAR] Intl Collaborative Opportunities with Cardiff University on Cybersecurity and Related Areas


19 Jan 24    
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

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Speaker: Dr. A. Javed, Cardiff University, UK

Title:  International Collaborative Opportunities with Cardiff University on Cybersecurity and Related Areas

Date and Time: Fri Jan 19, 2:15pm

Location: CDS 102 Seminar Hall


This talk will provide a comprehensive overview of recent advancements and cutting-edge research we do in the cybersecurity group at Cardiff University. Our researchers have been at the forefront of addressing contemporary challenges in cybersecurity, ranging from understanding human and machine behaviour behind cyber-attacks to developing innovative models for threat detection and prediction. The discussion will encompass a spectrum of topics, including exploring novel methods in community organisation within online social networks, the correlation between emotions and malware propagation, and the development of effective countermeasures against evolving cyber threats. The talk aims to outline our work and identify areas where we can collaborate and submit joint grant applications.


Dr. A. Javed is a Cardiff University lecturer focusing on machine learning to identify cybercriminal behaviour. His research includes understanding human and machine behaviour patterns, emphasising online social network (OSN) security. Dr. Javed collaborates with other schools, resulting in joint publications on predicting drive-by download attacks and factors in malware propagation. He pioneers predictive defence strategies in OSN security. He also develops models for securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the edge and addressing adversarial attacks. His research extends to quantifying organisational cyber risks for continuous monitoring, aiding in resource allocation. Dr. Javed’s work enhances his teaching and contributes to the fields of cyber security and risk management.

This talk is supported by the Global Wales-IISc Joint Research Partnership Fund

HOST: Yogesh Simmhan