{Seminar} @ CDS: #102 :26th February: “Domain Adaptation for Fair and Robust Computer Vision.”


26 Feb 24    
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Event Type

Department of Computational and Data Sciences

CDS / KIAC Seminar

Speaker : Mr. Tarun Kalluri, University of California San Diego.

Title : “Domain Adaptation for Fair and Robust Computer Vision.”

Date & Time : February 26, 2024, 11:30 AM

Venue : # 102, CDS Seminar Hall


While recent progress significantly advances the state of the art in computer vision across several tasks, the poor ability of these models to generalize to domains and categories under-represented in the training set remains a problem, posing a direct challenge to fair and inclusive computer vision. In my talk, I will talk about my recent efforts towards improving generalizability and robustness in computer vision using domain adaptation. First, I will talk about our work on scaling domain adaptation to large scale datasets using metric learning. Next, I will introduce our new dataset effort called GeoNet aimed at benchmarking and developing novel algorithms towards geographical robustness in various vision tasks. Finally, I will talk about the latest research studying the role of language supervision to improve adaptation of visual models to new domains.


Tarun Kalluri is a fifth year PhD student at UC San Diego in the Visual Computing Group. Prior to that, he graduated with a bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati and worked as a data scientist in Oracle. His research interests lie in label and data efficient learning from images and videos, domain adaptation and improving fairness in AI. He is a recipient of IPE PhD fellowship.

Host Faculty: Prof. Venkatesh Babu