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Course Schedule for Aug-Dec 2017

Course IDCreditsNameInstructor Days of WeekTimeRoomWebStart date
DS 2213:0Introduction to Scalable SystemsS. Vadhiyar, Y. SimmhanTTh 11:30-13.00CDS 202wwwAug 3, 2017
DS 2842:1Numerical Linear AlgebraM. VenkatapathiMWF11:00-12.00CDS 202Aug 7, 2017
DS 2883:0Numerical MethodsS. GanesanTTh 8:30-10:00CDS 202WWWAug 3, 2017
DS 2223:1Machine Learning with Large Datasets
P TalukdarTTh 14:00-15:30CDS 202Aug 8, 2017
DS 2903:0 Modelling and SimulationS. RahaTTh 15:30-17:00CDS 202Aug 8, 2017
DS 2503:1 Multigrid Methods

S. GanesanTTh10:00-11:30CDS 202WWWAug 3, 2017
DS 3012:0BioinformaticsK. Sekar, D. PalTTh18:00 -19:00CDS 202Aug 2, 2017

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Course Schedule - I Term (Jan-Apr, 2017)

Course IDCreditsNameInstructor Days of WeekTimeRoomWebpage
DS 2703:1Constructive Approximation TheoryS. AmbikasaranTTh 08:30-10:00CDS 202WWW
DS 2943:1Data Analysis and Visualization P. YalavarthyTTh10:00-11:30CDS 202Intra-IISc Link
DS 2913:1Finite elements: Theory and algorithmsS. GanesanTTh 11:30-13:00CDS 202
DS 3913:0Data Assimilation to Dynamical Systems
S. Raha, A Apte (ICTS) TTh 11:30-13:00CDS 309
DS 2953:1 Parallel ProgrammingS. VadhiyarTTh 14:00-15:30CDS 202
DS 2563:1Scalable Systems for Data ScienceY. SimmhanTTh15:30-17:00 CDS 202WWW
DS 2603:0Medical Imaging P. YalavarthyMWF 09:00-10:00CDS 202Intra-IISc Link
DS 2893:1Numerical Solution of Differential EquationsA. MohantyMWF 11:00-12:00CDS 202
DS 2553:1System VirtualizationJ. Lakshmi (SERC)MW15:00-16:30CDS 202
UE 2012:1Introduction to Scientific ComputingM. VenkatapathiMW08:00-09:00Old PHY

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Course Schedule - I Term (Aug-Dec, 2016)

Course IDCreditsNameInstructor InitialsDays of WeekTimeRoomWebpage
DS 2503:1Multigrid Methods SGTTh 10:00-11:30CDS 202WWW
DS 2633:1Video AnalyticsRVBTTh10:00-11:30CDS 309
DS 2842:1Numerical Linear Algebra SATTh 8:30-10:00CDS 102/202WWW
DS 2862:1Data Structures and Programming YSWF 10:00-11:00CDS 202WWW
DS 2883:1Numerical Methods PKYMWF 9:00-10:00 CDS 202WWW (Intra-IISc)
DS 2903:0Modelling and Simulation SRTTh15:30-17:00 CDS 202
DS 2923:0High Performance ComputingMJT/SVTTh11:30-1:00CDS 202
DS 299 0:24Dissertation Project PG***
DS 3012:0BioinformaticsKS/DPWF 16:00-17:00CDS 202
DS 3032:0Chemoinformatics DPWF 14:00-15:00CDS 202

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Course Schedule II Term (Jan-May 2016)

Course IDCreditsNameInstructor InitialsDays of WeekTimeRoomWebpage
SE2562:1Scalable Systems for Data ScienceYS/PPTW0200P-0400PSERC 202WWW
SE2893:1Numerical Solutions of Differential EquationsAKMTTh0330P-0500PSERC 202
SE2912:1Finite Elements:Theory and AlgorithmsSKGMW1000A-1100ASERC 202
SE2943:1Data Analysis and VisualizationPCM/RVB/PPTTTh1130A-0100PSERC 202
SE2953:1Parallel ProgammingSVTTh1000A-1130ASERC 202WWW

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Course Schedule - I Term (Aug-Dec, 2015)

Course IDCreditsNameInstructor InitialsDays of WeekTimeRoomWebpage
SE 2503:1Multigrid MethodsSGTTh1130A-1PSERC 202
SE 2633:1Video AnalyticsRVBTBDTBDTBD
SE 2842:1Numerical Linear AlgebraMVWF4-5PSERC 202
SE 2862:1Data Structures and ProgrammingRVB/YSWF11A-12PSERC 202
SE 2883:1Numerical MethodsSGTTh10-1130ASERC 202
SE 2903:0Modelling and SimulationSRTTh330-5PSERC 309
SE 2923:0High Performance ComputingMJ/VSSTTh830A-10ASERC 202
SE 301/PH 3472:0BioinformaticsKS/DPTBDTBDSERC 202
SE 3032:0ChemoinformaticsDPWF2-3PSERC 202
SE 3973:1Topics in Embedded ComputingSKNTBDTBDTBD

Course Schedule - I Term (Aug-Dec, 2014)

Course IDCreditsNameInstructor InitialsDays of WeekTimeRoomWebpage
SE 2503:1Multigrid MethodsSGTTh1100A-1230PSERC 202
SE 2633:1Video AnalyticsRVB***
SE 2842:1Numerical Linear AlgebraPYTTh0930A-1030ASERC 202
SE 2862:1Data Structures and ProgrammingRVB/SVWF1100A-1200PSERC 202
SE 2883:1Numerical MethodsPYTTh0330P-0500PSERC 202
SE 2923:0High Performance ComputingRG/YSTTh0800A-0930ASERC 202WWW
SE 301/PH 3472:0BioinformaticsSRK/KS**SERC 202
SE 3032:0ChemoinformaticsDPWF0200P-0255PSERC 202
SE 2973:1Topics in Embedded ComputingSKN***
SE 3053:1Topics in Web-scale Knowledge HarvestingPPTTTh0200P-0330PSERC 202

Course Schedule - II Term (Jan-May, 2014)

Course IDCreditsNameInstructor InitialsDays of WeekTimeRoomWebpage
SE2523:1Introduction to Cloud ComputingYSTTh0830A-0955ASERC 202WWW
SE2633:1Video AnalyticsRVB***
SE2893:1Numerical Solutions of Differential EquationsAMTTh1000A-1125ASERC 202
SE2903:0Modeling and SimulationSRTTh0330P-0455PSERC 202
SE2912:1Finite Elements:Theory and AlgorithmsSKGMW1100A-1155ASERC 202
SE2943:1Data Analysis and VisualizationVNTTh0200P-0325PSERC 202
SE2953:1Parallel ProgammingSVTTh0930A-1100ASERC 202WWW
SE3603:0Topics in Medical ImagingPKYMWF0900A-0955ASERC 202