Prof. Sashikumaar Ganesan

Dept. Computational and Data Science (CDS)

IISc, Bangalore - 560012

Phone:  +91 80 22932902   Email: sashi-please remove this 
Humboldt (AvH) Postdoc (2010): WIAS, Berlin
Research Associate (2008): Imperial College London
Dr. rer. nat. (2006): IAN, OvGU, Germany

Finite Element Analysis

Finite element methods for the solution of PDEs and High-dimensional PDEs Moving Boundary problems, variational multiscale methods, multigrid methods

Finite Elements: Theory and Algorithms

Sashikumaar Ganesan & Lutz Tobiska: Cambridge University Press, 2017, ISBN: 9781108415705

Hardware-aware Numerics

Hybrid CPU-GPU parallel algorithms towards Exascale computing, robust, accurate and scalable parallel implementations of Algebraic & Geometric Multigrid Solvers.


An open-source finite element software development

Data-Driven Science

Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems, Machine Learning (ML) & Neural Networks (NN) for estimation of physical and numerical parameters, data-driven approaches for prognostic estimates and scenario analysis

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Our model is a paradigm shift in mathematical modeling of infectious diseases. This modeling framework introduces a multi-dimensional equation ...

Viscoelastic Droplet Rising

Finite element (FE) scheme using the ALE approach is develped for computations of 3D-axisymmetric viscoelastic two-phase flows. The coupled Navier-Stokes and ...

Biophysical Model of Tumor Invasion

A finite element scheme for computations of three-dimensional cancer invasion mathematical model in realistic geometries is presented. The interactions ...


Hybrid CPU-GPU parallel implementations of AMG solver suitable for modern day accelerator equipped computing systems are developed ...